Like a Torn in my Heart

“It's sad, so many dreams and so little hope for a poor 19-year-old guy… Especially when he inevitably dwells on the same enchanting images. With a start, I decide almost in spite of myself that it is time to face it: to face my past and the present sufferings, to take my life in hand, to build my future. Right now though, I hate that prospect. Isn't destiny written in advance, can we change the course of things? What about this concept of free will that each of us builds our own life? Do we really have the choice of our actions? Predestination, of course… But then, would we have to live like poor soulless puppets, victims of the Great Manipulator who uses invisible strings? This idea suddenly horrifies me. To think that things are beyond our control is to admit defeat without even bothering to fight. There, immediately the choice is offered to me to make this wish or to turn my back on my most precious dream…”

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  • Marque
  • Auteur
  • Collection
  • Langue
  • Format
  • ISBN Papier
  • Dimension support papier
  • ISBN Numérique
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Format Format Papier ou Format ePub
Marque Editions Rhéartis
Auteur Maxime Li Ham Devis
Collection L'arrogance des Mots
Langue Anglais
ISBN Papier 978-2-7146-0452-1
Dimension support papier 21,6 x 21,6cm
ISBN Numérique 978-2-7146-0453-8
Disponibilité 01 - Disponible
Date mise sur le marché 13/05/2024

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